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To write your own CV or not?


Nobody should ever underestimate the importance of a professional CV. Even with the digital age upon us, sending a copy of your CV is still the first step in the job seeking process.


CV writing is more about marketing than just listing your past experiences – something that we all can do. It is about showing your future worth to a potential employee.


  It is about branding yourself so that you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

  It is about attracting the right attention.

  It is about making sense of all the information and knowing what to include and what to leave out.

 It is about taking the panic out of CV Writing. 


Keeping in line with social media long, detailed CVs are losing ground due to the fact that most other written communications are bite-size text messages or 140-character tweets. The compacting of messaging is already in high gear, so the CV must be focused and relevant.



Your CV should be written and designed so that essential information can be read in a quick glance. Long-winded, difficult to read CVs will most likely be discarded, which means an opportunity lost. As a professional CV Writer I will help you with your CV and LinkedIn profile so that you maximise your chances of being invited for an interview.



Most CVs do not clearly and strongly state specific accomplishments and come across as too vague and general, and as a result the value the person has brought to each past employer is lost. The most common mistake is listing your duties (something that is normally copied from the job listing) instead of showing what impact you have had on the company.



Let’s face it; most people are uncomfortable talking about their own achievements, so often they don’t even see it as achievements, only as something that they do on a daily basis. I will ensure that you receive a personal marketing document that works.

Beware of online fraud - always remember that your CV is a confidential document containing very sensitive personal and sometimes company information, so take care where and how it is shared. Flooding the World Wide Web with your CV may not always be the safest move as this can place your confidential information at risk and expose you to scam artists and identity thieves.